Fairvalley People

The people of the Fair Valley Association

Tommy Fortuin
Tommie arrived at Fairview in 1988 and has dedicated his life to perfect his expertise in the vineyards, where he’s still busy training younger people. Tommie was the first and he’s again the current Chairperson of the Fair Valley Association. Tommie is married with 6 children. His favorite wine is the Fairvalley Chardonnay.


Angeline Swart
Angeline arrived at Fairview in 1991 and had the pleasure of working closely with the Back family, the owners of Fairview in their home for many years. In recent years, Angeline made a move into the cheese production line at the factory and is making some of the most special blue Fairview cheeses. Angeline is the Vice-Chairperson of the Fair Valley Association, and is constantly busy with improving her skills. Her goal for this year is to gain a driving license. Angeline is married with 3 children.


Attie Adams
Attie arrived to Fairview in 1978, worked in both the cellar and the vineyards where he's currently working. Attie is the previous chairperson of the Fair Valley Association, married with 3 children. His favorite wine is the Fairvalley Sauvignon Blanc.


Awie Adolf 
Awie arrived to Fairview in 1982 and worked in the vineyards for the first 8 years. Since 1990, Awie is working at the cellar as a winemaker alongside Fairviews outstanding winemakers, Awie led the launch of the first Fairvalley wine, the Chenin Blanc of 1998 and since then he is deeply involved with the making of Fairvalley wines. He is married with 4 children and refuses to chose one wine as his favorite.


Herberta Dlamini | Herberta arrived to Fairview in 1995 and since has been integral part of the Fairview famous cheese factory. Herberta is the newest member of the Executive Committee. She is married with 7 children. Her favorite wine is the Fairvalley Chenin Blanc.



Solly Arnolds
Solly arrived to Fairview in 1987 and has been developed his expertise in the vineyards since. Solly is married with 5 children and his favorite wine is the Fairvalley Pinotage.



Enoch Zaleni





Angelina, Tommie and Ori at FairValley

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