The Fair Valley Association

The Fairvalley Workers Association, founded in 1997, was set up by the employees of Fairview Wine and Cheese Estate.

The FAIR VALLEY ASSOCIATION (registered in terms of the Communal Property Associations Act 28 of 1996) was established during 1997 and The farm FairValley (FARM 1644, IN EXTENT 17,6715 hectares, held by certificate of consolidated title T 17071/2003) was acquired by the Association, funded partially by The Department of Land Affairs’ grants and partially by a grant made available by the FAIRVIEW TRUST (Fairview Wine & Cheese Estate). The 42 families who are today the members of the Association are residents on Fairview Farm and are in the full-time employ of the Fairview Trust.


The purposes of the Association are recorded in the Constitution of the Association, as follows:

"The Associations main purpose is for the previously disadvantaged workforce of the Fairview Estate, as well as their future generations and dependants, to gain ownership of FairValley, to keep it and to create a sustainable and commercially viable business and to establish equal job opportunities".

The objectives now, when the acquisition of the FairValley land has been achieved, are therefore

  • to address the need for sustainable housing; create jobs’ and business opportunities for the members;
  • to empower them to own their own homes under free-hold, as ownership of houses by members should not be linked to their employment. They should be allowed to create wealth for themselves if they so wish. They should be able to make the homes and the entire property value available to their families, heirs and/or successors in title.

The executive committee of the Fair Valley Association, which is the authorized representative body of the Association, meets regularly to make decisions in regard with managing the Association’s affairs.

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